Final Longish Run before UT100k

This morning I was up and out again before 7am for another run on the Gleniffer Braes. This time I was on my own and decided to run the first lap at a steady to fast pace and then try and run the second lap a bit quicker.  I was going for 16miles so the middle section of the 2nd lap would be a bit shorter.

As I set off I was thinking about my friends running the UTMB. Before I left I checked the web site and saw that some of them were still going about 37hrs with another 4-5hrs to go! Dave and Karl had also set of at 6am for Day 3 of their Ring O Fire Race.

I ran nice and steady for the first 30mins or so and then picked up the pace and was very happy with how I was going.  I kept checking my heart rate and was keeping it around 125 for the first lap.

Here are my splits with yesterday’s as comparison …

The second lap I did push a bit harder as you can see from my heart rate.  It was good to feel I had the pace in my legs and it was a very encouraging run.

So that’s the main part of my training done. For the next two weeks before the race I’ll be running every other day all nice and easy.

Congratulations to all those who finished the UTMB. 40 plus hours is a long time to be out !

I was sorry to hear that both Paul and Andy had to pull out.  It’s always a tough decision but from what I’ve heard they didn’t have much choice.  Hopefully they will be back for another day.

Dave Troman had a great run on Day 3 of his race finishing 2nd.  I’ve just spoken to him on the phone and he reckons he was 6th overall so that’s a great result.  It sounds as though Karl Zeiner also had a great time though it obviously a really tough event.

We’ve enjoyed having my Mum to stay for the weekend plus Jo and Jono from Inverness and Laura and Josh from Motherwell!  We enjoyed our trip to the Riverside Museum.  

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