New look blog

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been updating the two web sites I look after namely our club Kilbarchan AAC and the West Highland Way.  With the help of Steven Hill we’ve moved over to wordpress.  They will be going live soon.

As I was working on them I realised I could export all my posts, all 1,900 of them, to wordpress from blogger on this blog.  I’d been thinking about giving my blog a bit of a face lift so decided to go for it.

It all worked fairly smoothly.  The pages don’t transfer but I’d been wanting to sort them out anyway so this gave me the opportunity.  I may well add some more pages at the top in due time.

There are some widgets that wordpress don’t allow so I can’t put a summary of my runs from RunningAhead or Strava down the sidebar but I will add a link for anyone who wants to have a look!

A big thanks to Steven Hill who sorted out transferring my domain to the new site.  It wasn’t as straight forward as I thought so I’m glad he was able to help.

You are able to follow my blog with the option of receiving an email informing you when I have posted anything.  Congratulations to Victoria Sherwood who was the first person to sign up to follow my ‘new’ blog.

Anyway I hope you like it and find is easier to find anything you might be looking for.  I have put all my ultras under the races page and put all the details (report, splits, results, videos etc) under each race.

This morning I was out at 7.45am for an easy 8mile run.  I’m 2 weeks into my easy 6 weeks of running and enjoyed being out and not pushing the pace. Everything feels good and I’m enjoying just getting out for a run 3 times a week.  For the next few weeks I’m going to add another easy run on Thursdays.

Tonight Katrina and I are going to the Scottish Athletics Awards Dinner at the Marriot Hotel. Dean Macey is the guest speaker so we are really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow it is the Jedburgh 3 Peaks Ultra Marathon. Katrina and I ran this one last year and it was very muddy. A great course and event but very muddy.  I assume with the rain we’ve had it will be the same this year. Anyway I hope it all goes well.

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