Monday Night Fartlek

I’m enjoying being back into the routine of running with the club on a Monday night.  I’m still holding back a bit but it is good to be running a bit quicker again without feeling I’m pushing too hard.
Tonight’s session was similar to last week but with slightly different figures.  We had 3 sets of 3min 30sec (1min 45sec recovery), 2min 30sec (1min 15sec), 1min 30sec (45sec) and 30sec (2min).  Then to finish off 3min (90sec), 2min (1min) and 1min.

There were about 12 of us in our group tonight and we were working well together. Here are my stats for the night …


I was quite surprised to see that I had run 4.95miles as I was attempting to run at 80% or so.  I did feel fairly good and was trying to run smoothly.  So a good session.
Steven helped me move the domain address of the West Highland Way Race Web site last night so the new format is now live at

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