Review of October

Today I went for a run at lunch time. It was dry when I ran which was a bonus. I decided to allow myself to run a little faster, still not pushing too hard but letting my heart rate go above 130.

It feels really good running easy at the moment without any pain or niggles. I’m also trying to work on my running style aiming to be a bit more relaxed. I’d like to video my running style and see if I can learn anything!

I like to review each month so here goes for October. I ran 112.60 miles with my longest run, the Aviemore Half Marathon.


In graph form …

The month split into two halves really with the first half dominated by doing some speed work leading up to the Half Marathon.  Then since that race I’ve been having a few weeks of easy running with a fartlek session once a week.
Overall this year I have run almost 1,800 miles so it’s looking good to reach 2,000 miles for the year which has been a minor target.

My plan for November is another couple of weeks of easy running before starting my build up to my first race of 2014 – The Hardmoors 30 on Wed 1st January.

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