Monday night Fartlek

It was a really frosty cold night but perfect for running … except for the slippy cycle track just after Bridge of Weir.

There were about 10 of us in our group tonight including Katrina and Jonny.  I’ve been encouraging Jonny to come along and do some speed work and I think he enjoyed it!  It always takes a bit of time to work out what pace you need to run at.  He probably went off a bit to fast for the first few but he’ll soon learn!

I was feeling really good tonight and decided to work a bit harder. I was aiming to hang on to Tony for as long as I could for each set.

The session tonight was 3mins (90secs recovery), 2mins (1min), 1min (1min), 1min (1min), 2mins (1min), 3mins (3mins) x2 then 6 x 1min (1min) to finish.  Here are my stats for the night.


I was really pleased with that.  Well over 5miles for the 30mins of hard running.

Both Tony and John commented I was running strongly. I was thinking afterwards that part of the reason was normally I would have done back to back longer runs over the weekend so my legs would still be quite sluggish on the Monday night.

Whereas at the moment I’m only running an steady 8miles or so on Saturday so I’m coming on a Monday feeling a lot fresher.  Anyway I’m really enjoying being back on a Monday night.

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