Saturday morning steady run

I decided to push the pace a little harder this week.  Over the past two Saturday’s I’ve run the same 8.65mile loop at an average pace of 8.18 (HR 130) and 7.57 (HR 130).

I was feeling good as I set off so decided to go a little quicker, certainly not flat out but quicker than the previous two weeks.

The weather was very mixed with some sun but also plenty of wind and rain. I’m glad I had a base layer and long sleeved top and a pair of gloves on. I felt just about right.

I didn’t have a target in mind time wise but just wanted to work a little harder.  I glanced at my watch after about 3.5miles and saw my average pace was 8.03 so I upped it a bit over the second half of the run.

Here are the stats ..


I was really happy with that as I increased the pace as the run went on. Part of it was that I was feeling quite cold over the second half so running a bit quicker warmed me up. The final 3 miles were around about tempo pace but with a lower heart rate.

My friend Steven mentioned me in a tweet afterwards ….

Saw @jkynaston running strongly on Glenburn Road this morning! Looked focused.

I think that probably sums up my run!

Even thought I ran 15secs per mile faster than last week my heart rate was only 2 beats per minute more so again pleased with that.


My Heart Rate graph shows a gradual increase as the run went on.  I’m really enjoying my running at the moment as I’m having three rest days and a couple of easy runs a week so I feel I’m running within myself.

This past week I worked hard on Monday’s Fartlek session, had easy runs Wednesday and Thursday then pushed a little harder today.

Next week is my final easier week before I add in another run per week and up the intensity and effort as I build up to the Hardmoors 30.

One final thing …. I’ve not had any comments since I revamped my blog so not sure if it’s working?  Would someone mind leaving a comment so I know it’s working?  Thanks.

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1 Response to Saturday morning steady run

  1. SH says:

    Good run John! 🙂

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