Training Plan for Hardmoors 30

I went out for a run at lunch time today. It was one of those lovely cold crisp days which I really love at this time of year.

I ran nice and comfortably though I felt my legs felt a bit heavy over the last mile or so.

I have just under 7 weeks before my first ultra of 2014, the Hardmoors 30 race on New Year’s Day, so I’ve been thinking about my training plan as I build up to it.

Here is my provisional plan. Some things may change but I do like to have a plan.


I’m going to continue with my farltek sessions on a Monday night, then add in a tempo and hill session during the week and finally back to back longer runs at the weekend will make up my weekly plan.

For my tempo session I’ll be running a 7mile loop with some faster miles where I’ll push the pace and work a bit harder.

For the hill session I’ll be doing some reps on hills at Bellahouston Park or up on the Braes or even a trip to Conic Hill.

On Sunday 8th December I’m joining Marco, Matt, Jonny and others for an 18mile run around Ben Lomond that Marco has told me is a great route. That will be my longest run before the race and I’m really looking forward to it.

The back to back runs at the weekend will mainly be up on the Braes.  I’ve found this year that these runs at the weekend have really helped me.

I have a few races with question marks next to them. These are club races and the Christmas Day parkrun. I’m not sure of the exact dates (except for Christmas Day!) and whether I’ll do them all so things may change a bit.

I’m going to try out a new energy drink that I’ve been given by the


I’m looking forward to trying it out in my training for the Hardmoors 30 and for the race itself.  I’ll be doing a review after the race.

Here it was it says on the web site about the product ..

Matrix Energy Boost is a carbohydrate and vitamin energy drink with added caffeine, designed to prevent the onset of physical and mental fatigue whilst also providing effective rehydration. Matrix Energy Boost is a cutting edge new sports drink which has taken into account all the nutrients required to help you sustain physical exertion for prolonged periods. Energy Boost does this all in a refreshing light tasting beverage ideal for use during any type of physical activity.

  • Carbo-Energy Blend – Fructose, Maltodextrin, and Dextrose come together to provide a multi-stage release carbohydrate matrix, ensuring elevated blood glucose levels are sustained.
  • High in Caffeine – Energy Boost provides 60mg of Caffeine per serving which not only focuses the mind on the task in hand, but also stimulates the mobilization of fatty acids which can then be used as energy.
  • Hydration – Matrix salt blend helps prevent hyponatremia by providing effective hydration, this is important in terms of sustaining physical effort.

Who is Matrix Energy Boost ideal for?

Matrix Energy Boost is a supplement for us as an energy source during prolonged exercise, particularly sports such as endurance based cycling and running. Alternatively it is also an effective recovery supplement to replenish muscle glycogen stores and rehydrate blood plasma after exercise.

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