Saturday Morning Steady Run

This morning I was up and out by 7.15am for a 10mile run before I head off for my swimming lessons. I slightly misjudged the weather. I wore a base layer and long sleeved top and gloves but after a few miles I was slightly too hot!

It made me run a sensible pace though so that was good.  I combined a couple of my runs to make the 10miles …

04routeI always enjoy having a look at my heart rate after the run and today’s mirrored the way I felt, namely I was working harder on the second half of the run …

03HRThis evening Katrina and I are heading up to Kinlochleven to celebrate Peter D’s 50th birthday. It should be a fun evening though we have decided to drive home afterwards so it will be a late night!  Also with the A82 closed around Loch Lomond we’ll need to drive round the long way via Stirling.

Christmas has come early for me!!  I’m now the proud owner of an iMac and I’m really enjoying getting to grips with it!

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1 Response to Saturday Morning Steady Run

  1. Drive round via Stirling? You should drive up to Balmaha and run from there! 🙂

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