Monday Night Fartlek

This morning I had my interview for Volunteering for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games next July. I have applied for the Results Technology Services (RTS).

The interview was a very slick operation. It would need to be with 25,000 people to interview for 15,000 places. They are doing 1,000 a week at the moment.

Over 50,000 applied so it was good to get an interview! After a brief introduction we had a quick one to one to check our identity and have our photo taken.

Then a video to inspire us about volunteering which was good. That was followed by a chat about what they are looking for in the RTS.  I liked the description that we would be, if selected, at the sharp end of the event.

The final part was a personal interview for 25 minutes or so. The volunteer who interviewed me was a nice guy and worked his way through the questions, writing furiously my answers!

One of the questions was, “tell me something you have done that you are proud of?”  Anyone who reads this blog won’t be surprised to read that I talked about completing the West Highland Way Race!

I now need to wait until the end of January or later to hear whether I have been successful.  I really hope I do get a place as it will be amazing to be involved in the games.

I was straight back to work and more cross country races which went well. The weather was perfect for running.

Tonight I was back at the club for our Fartlek session.  Today is the start of my 6 week build up to Hardmoors 30 so I was working that little bit harder.

The session was 4mins (2mins recovery) x2, 1min (1min) x6, 4mins (2mins) x 2, 6min (2mins) and 2mins.

We had 8 in our group tonight which included Hayley, Michael, Tony, John McM.  I was hanging on to Michael and John for most of the night and they pulled me along.  We had a bit of an issue with ice around Bridge of Weir so we turned early to avoid the worse of it.

I was happy with my effort ….


The heart rate always shows a good graph …

05HRSo that’s the start of my build up.

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