Morning Tempo Run

My plan for the next few weeks is to do a tempo run on a Wednesday.  Depending on work commitments I will either do it before work, at lunchtime or after work.  In lots of ways I prefer before work as it gets it done and out of the way.

Also it gives me the longest rest between running Monday night then Thursday evening.  Wednesday morning is roughly half way between them.

So I was up and out just after 6.30am this morning. There was a full moon and it was just the sort of morning I love to run in. Cold but not icy. It was fairly windy especially on the second half of my loop but not too bad.

I’m going to build up the time/distance of the tempo effort over the next few weeks. I started this morning with alternating easy/hard miles so I had three faster/tempo pace runs.

Here are the stats …

07tempoI was quite pleased with my run. I used the first hard mile to get my legs moving a bit quicker!  Then on the second and third hard miles I was pushing harder. The 3rd one was 30secs slower mainly because I was into the wind …. well that’s my excuse anyway.

Tomorrow night I’m running up and down Conic Hill with Jonny.  We won’t be starting until 4.30pm so we’ll need the head torches!

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