Conic Hill Run

My friend Jonny asked me whether I fancied a run tonight and it didn’t take too long to accept and suggest a run up and down Conic Hill.

I drove over to Drymen on my motor bike after work and met Jonny at his house.  We were quickly changed and set off just before 4.30pm.  Jonny took a photo of me as we left the house …

08johnWe decided on a straight up and down Conic Hill.  It was a loverly night too out running. A really clear sky and the views over Loch Lomond were superb.

10routeWe ran at a steady pace chatting the whole way.  Once we got to Conic Hill I was keen to run all the way up.  I was trying to remember whether I’ve ever done that before and concluded that I don’t think I have.

It was getting really dark by the time we reached the top and turned round for the journey back so we put on the head torches.

We took it easy on the way down as there is no point in going too fast and risking injury.  As it was I did have one silly moment when I missed my footing and went over on my ankle.

Fortunately it was okay after a few minutes but it goes to show how easily it is to get injured running in the dark especially off road.

We took 54mins 49 secs for the 5.09miles on the way up and 50mins 08secs on the way back. Here is a graph with heart rate and profile …

09hrWe both really enjoyed our run and plan to do some more!  The only downside was having to ride my motor bike back to Paisley …. it was freezing on the bike and my hands were pretty cold!

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