Steady Run

This weekend is my first back to back runs for a while so I decided to have a road run today before going up on the Braes tomorrow.

Initially I’d planned to run 5miles on Thursday and 9miles today but as I ran over 10miles on Thursday up and down Conic Hill I decided to do 6.5miles today.

I was up and out by 7.30am while it was still just about dark.  It soon got lighter and even though the ground was a little frosty it felt fine to run on.

I didn’t look at my watch but worked on keeping my breathing fairly hard.  I was pleased to see that I’d run the 6.53miles at 7.31 pace at a heart rate of 134. So a good work out.

We don’t go to the theatre that often but I really enjoy it when we do. The latest leaflet from the King’s Theatre arrived this week and Katrina pointed out that there is a play based on Chariots of Fire. That is definitely one of our favourite films. Infact we used the music for our wedding!

So we’ve bought tickets for the show …..


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