Tempo Run

This morning I was out and running just after 6.30am in the dark.  I’m planning to build up the length of my tempo efforts each week.  Last week it was 1mile easy/hard efforts and so this week the plan was 1mile easy, 2miles tempo pace, 1mile easy, 2miles tempo pace and finally I mile easy.

I felt good from the start and after the first mile was looking forward to pushing the pace for a couple of miles.  The second 2 mile effort was a bit of a mixture as it starts mainly downhill but then turns into the wind.

So here are the stats ..18tempo

It was another good workout. It was just starting to get light when I got home.  Next week I plan to have a 3 mile tempo effort.19HR

This week I’ve listened to a couple of podcasts that I’ve really enjoyed.

The first one was ‘Train with the Coaches’ with Coach Jeff.  He was discussing training using Heart Rates and answering various questions. It was interesting stuff. At one point he gave this advice, ‘Your Body will only go as fast as it’s slowest part.’  I like that so much I put it on my header!

I applied that to ultra running and thought about the various aspects we need to get right including training, gear, nutrition, pacing etc and thought it was helpful as any one of those aspects can slow us down.

The second one was ‘Talk Ultra.‘ This week it was a special show from Nepal following the Everest Trail Race, a multi-stage event in the Himalayas, and it was really good.  That is one race I would love to do!

I did a trek to the base camp of Everest with my Dad in 1982 and the podcast brought back lots of great memories of that trip with my Dad.

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