Hill Session

Today I was going to be busy with our schools cross country today so decided to get out early again for my hill session.

I left just after 6.30am and wore my head torch as I was heading to Brodie Park and it is pretty dark running round the park.

I’ve not run this route since March I think so it was good to be back.  The park is about half a mile away from our house. I then have a lap which is just over 1mile which I do 4 times before running home.

It is a figure of 8 shape, basically 2 loops with a gate to go through to separate them. So by alternating clockwise/anticlockwise I can run the 4 loops in different directions like this …

  • loop 1: anticlockwise loop 2: clockwise
  • loop1: clockwise loop 2:anticlockwise
  • loop 1: clockwise loop 2: clockwise
  • loop 1: anticlockwise loop 2:anticlockwise

Does that makes sense?  Here is the map and profile …21map

My main aim was to try and run each lap slightly faster than the one before. Once home with the splits downloaded I discovered I’d achieved that. 20splits

On the second lap I tripped over a fallen tree but fortunately it was on grass so no damage done.

This weekend I’ll be up on the Braes Saturday and Sunday.  I’m looking forward to having a run with Dave T on Sunday who is up for the weekend.

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