Morning Run on the Gleniffer Braes with Steven

This week end is my first back to back runs on the Gleniffer Braes for a few months.  What is even better is that I have company for both runs. This morning Steven was keen to join me and tomorrow Dave T, up from Keswick for the weekend, is joining me.

Steven and I set off at 7am in the pitch dark. We took head torches and I’m glad we did as it was pretty dark in the trees.  Even so I still managed to trip over at one point!  That’s two falls in my last two runs!!  Thankfully no damage done in either of them.

I really enjoy running with Steven as we chat the whole way round (except for the steep hills!!) about all sorts of things and before we know it we’ve run for 90mins or so and we are back home.

The views were very different to last week when Paisley was covered in cloud.  So another good run.  Here are my stats …23braes

One of the reasons Dave and Tracey are coming up to Glasgow for the weekend is to go to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome to watch round 2 of the Revolution Series of races.  I decided to have a look and see if there were any tickets left and surprisingly there were so I bought one.  I’m looking forward to going tonight.

This week Jon Steele, Hardmoors Race Director, posted a great video about the Hardmoors Grand Slam of races that I’m entered next year so in case you haven’t seen it …



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