Morning Run on the Gleniffer Braes with Dave Troman

Dave and Tracey came up to Glasgow to watch the Revolution Track Cycling event at the Sir Chris Hoy Veldodrome. I decided to go as well and really enjoyed it.Sir Chris Hoy being interviewed before the action started

Dave dropped Tracey off at Braehead to do some Christmas shopping then headed over to our house for a run together.  Dave and I ran a lot in 2012 when we trained for the Lakeland 100 race but we’ve not had a chance to run together this year so it was great to catch up today.

The weather was incredible. Blue skies, sun shining and very mild. I didn’t need gloves and was a little warm wearing two tops.  It was a little muddy in places but superb conditions to be out running.

After 30mins or so we did a podcast interview chatting about the place of speed work in ultra training. I hope the recording turns out okay otherwise we’ll need to repeat it!

We paused at my traditional spot for a couple of photos …24dave



The difference from last Sunday when the whole area was covered in cloud was very striking.  It is not quite as spectacular as Keswick where Dave lives but it is good to have an area to run in so close to home.

We both had a great time and the miles and time flew by.  We did have time to pause at the waterfall on the way back though …25dave

I always enjoy running with Dave and I was always come away with something to think about and work on which helps me in my running.  Today’s gem was Dave’s pattern of training when he said that he makes sure that each and every run has a specific purpose.

Even if it is an easy recovery run he will work on his running style.  All good advice.26dave

So thanks Dave for a superb run.  We plan to do some recce runs on the Hardmoors route next year as Dave is doing the Hardmoors 110 race in May and maybe the Hardmoors 55 in March.  29splits

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