Morning Run on the Gleniffer Braes

I did the sensible thing (for once) and didn’t run on Thursday as I was conscious of my hamstring.  So this morning I set off at 7am in the rain and mist a little apprehensive as to how it would feel.

After less than a mile I was even more apprehensive as I could feel the hamstring complaining. I decided to keep going but at a very easy relaxed pace. Once I got up on the Braes I didn’t have much choice anyway as it was very misty and even with a head torch on it was very difficult to see very far.

Once I climbed up I was out of the mist and even though it was still dark I was able to see further ahead and run a bit faster.  As I did my hamstring felt easier. Not 100% but definitely easier.

I’m joining Marco and others for a 18 mile run tomorrow from Rowardennan so I really needed to give it a bit of a test to see whether I’ll be alright.

As the run went on I felt more confident and there were times when I didn’t think about it for a good few minutes! So while it’s not quite right I think it will be okay for tomorrow’s run.  I really don’t want to miss it!

As it was raining when I set off I was able to try out my new OMM Kamleika Smock. It was very comfortable. I like the fit and it is comfortable to run in.  The hood is study and I like the holes to slip my thumbs in. Also it’s easy to lift over my watch to access the buttons!36jacket

It will be good to test it in heavier rain and wind and see how it copes but I’m pleased with it after it’s first outing.

Yesterday I received an email from the Commonwealth Games saying I have been accepted as a Cylde-Sider which is name given to the games volunteers. I wasn’t expecting to hear until January so it was bonus to hear so early.

I’m going to part of the Results Technology Services and according to my status on the web site I’m going to be part of the Timing and Scoring Team for the REV ROAD EVENTS which I think is the Marathon, Road Cycling etc which sounds great! Role

Katrina is away for weekend with three of our girls Christmas shopping in Edinburgh so I took advantage of some free tickets I was offered for the Rangers v Ayr games this afternoon.

I’ve not been to Ibrox before so it was good to go along and watch a live game. There was pretty well a full house and Rangers played well for their 3-0 win. Ibrox


So a busy day but good fun.  I wonder if there will be any snow on our run tomorrow. I’m taking my camera and head cam so if there is you’ll see it!!

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