Recovery Run with Katrina

I decided it would be next to give the club Fartlek session a miss tonight after yesterday’s run. Plus I wanted to make sure my hamstring was okay and the last thing it needs is a speed session.

Katrina was keen for a run so we ran together after work.  My hamstring was fine but I did have one or two little niggles. Nothing major just the after effects of all that running in the boggy ground!

We ran just under 7miles at 8.28pace so ideal.  Katrina was running really well especially on the hills so I was hanging on a bit at times!

I wanted to pass on my congratulations to Jon Steele who was the only finisher from 15 starters in the hill ultra37hillultraAll 15 were experienced ultra runners but Jon was the only one who completed all 55 trips to the summit and back.  What a superb achievement. Jon, who organises the Hardmoors races, is well know for his determination but this must have pushed him to the limit.

The following photo gives you some idea of how tired he looks …38jonSo well done Jon.  You deserve all the praise and best wishes being sent your way.

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