Hill reps

I have a few options for a hill session but, with next year’s Hardmoors races in mind, I was keen to try out a new route which included steps both up and down.

So tonight after work I set off to the Gleniffer Braes park to work out a loop I could run on.  I ran from home to a starting point for the loop. Then I ran round the loop 4 times as each loop was 0.75miles. 41map

The profile gives an  idea of the ascent and descent.  I ran the first 3 laps clockwise and the last lap anticlockwise. 39profileIt was very dark so I had to be careful not to trip over.  I tried to run a little faster on each lap. I’m very pleased to report that I didn’t feel my hamstring at all so that’s great news.40splitsI will be returning to this route regularly to work on my running up and down running technique in preparation for the Hardmoors races. I may well do it after I’ve run 15miles or so but we’ll see.

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