Gleniffer Braes run with Steven

My plan for my back to back runs this weekend is 9miles today and 11miles tomorrow. Steven was keen to join me for both and Katrina and Tracey are joining us tomorrow.

So we were off at 7am in the dark but mild conditions. It’s been a couple of weeks since we ran together so we had a good catch up as we ran. The only time we weren’t talking was when we were climbing the steepest hill!

I had one little trip when I didn’t see a tree root but the best laugh was provided by Steven. We were running alongside the reservoir where there are a few muddy bits.

I was grateful that Steven was leading as he stepped into, what he thought was a shallow muddy puddle, only for his leg to disappear in the mud!  The second step was just as bad and he was almost stuck in the mud!

I chose the other side and got away with it!  Steven had mud from above his knees all the way down.  I’m not sure what his wife Kirsty said when she saw him. He must have been carrying a extra few pounds for the rest of the run.

I think we had the best of the weather as it is now pouring with rain and has been for the last few hours.  No doubt the route will be even muddier tomorrow. I must make sure we avoid Steven’s puddle tomorrow otherwise we might lose Katrina and Tracey!

So another good solid run with no problems from my hamstring.42braesI was looking forward to getting home from my swimming lessons to find out how Debs was doing in her latest 24hr race in Barcelona.  I was sad to read on Facebook that she had to pull out after 8miles due to sickness. It seems she was sick yesterday on the journey to Barcelona and wasn’t in the right condition to run.

It must be very frustrating to train and prepare for a race only to be struck down with illness.  I’m sure she’ll be back stronger than ever next year.

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