Another Gleniffer Braes run

This morning Steven and I were joined by Katrina and Tracey for another run on the Gleniffer Braes. We set off at 7.30am so it was a bit lighter but we still needed head torches for the first half hour or so.

Tracey was wearing a pair of white road shoes so I did warn her that they wouldn’t be so clean at the end of the run …. and they weren’t!!

We had a good run but it was hard to get into a decent rhythm as the track was so wet and slippy.  Tracey needed to get back by 9am so she left us at Robertson’s car park and ran down the road.  Before she left I took a photo …43groupSteven, Katrina and I continued round the loop which continued to be fairly slippy but it’s all time on feet as they say.  This was my easier week so fitted in well.

Next week I plan to have a harder week with back to back runs next weekend of 9miles and 15miles.  The following week we have a few club races which I’d like to do but I’m going to see how things go this week before making a decision.

The bigger goal is New Year’s Day Hardmoors 30 race.  I will be having a ‘Guess My Time’ Competition in case you were wondering!  I’ll post details on Tuesday.

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