Conic Hill in the dark

Last night was Katrina’s Christmas meal out with her work colleagues. They went to a restaurant in Byers Road and I offered Katrina a lift.  I was also going to pick her up so what to do with the 3hrs or so I had in between?

I know … a run up Conic Hill. My friends Jonny and Frances were up for it so I drove to Drymen and we set off about 8pm.

The weather had been pretty wild and windy but by the time we set off it was very mild with hardly any wind.  It was a lovely night for a run.  Unsurprisingly we didn’t meet anyone else out running!

Jonny and I had been in a team meeting all day so we chatted about that for a while but soon our chat turned to running and our plans for next year.

Once we reached the bridge at the bottom of Conic Hill we agreed to ascend at our own pace and Frances said she would turn half way up.  I was leading the way and feeling good when I started feeling my hamstring again.

I eased off and walked the top half feeling slightly annoyed with myself for doing the Fartlek session on Monday as I did feel it on the final 9min run.  Jonny caught up with me as a walked.  We reached the top and ran down.

It was easier running down but I ran very cautiously not wanting to do anymore damage. The rest of the run was a lot easier and even though I could feel it the pain was slight.

With about a mile to go I ran into a tree branch that had fallen, cutting my leg and ripping part of my under shorts so I have a nice long scratch on the shin!

We had taken a bit longer than I’d planned and I was thinking I wasn’t going to be able to get back to Byers Road to pick up Katrina but fortunately I had a text from her saying she had a lift home.

I’m typing this before work the next day and my hamstring is a little sore. I’ve decided to rest today and tomorrow and see how it feels on Sunday.  I had planned to do 9miles on Saturday and 15miles on Sunday but I’m going to revise that.

I had also planned to do 3 or 4 short races next week as part of our club Christmas races but I’m definitely not going to do them now.  There is nothing to gain and too much to lose.  

I reckon if I take things really easy over the next 11 days I should be okay for the Hardmoors 30 race.  I’ve done the work and the taper will be good for me.

I’ll just need to make sure I don’t overindulge on food over Christmas!!

I’ve almost finished my review of 2013 so I’ll post that in the next day or so.

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1 Response to Conic Hill in the dark

  1. Andy Cole says:

    A good year all round John. All success with the Hardmoors Grand Slam Slam next year – see you at the 55!

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