Miles run in 2013

A few facts to finish the year.

I ran a total of 2,086.31miles.  Here is how all those runs breakdown.2013 Summary 2

I like the graphs that RunningAhead produces so here are a couple …

Monthly summary of runs …2013 all runs monthlyWeekly summary of runs ….2013 all runs weekly

It’s been a really good solid year with no real injuries so I’ve run at least once every week.

Here is a comparison of my running over the last 7 years since I started running ultras..2007-2013 monthly figures 2007- 2013 monthly

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2 Responses to Miles run in 2013

  1. Graeme says:

    John, always interested to hear how you train. Thanks for the blog. I know you like your stats but you might want to check your total for the fartlek column in the first table. The totals exclude second half of the year. You’re under selling yourself!

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