Recovery Run & Hardmoors Grand Slam

This afternoon I went for an easy run. I was keen to make sure I didn’t push too hard so decided to be disciplined and run to my heart rate.  I wanted to stay around 125 beats per minute.

I had to run very easily to keep it at that rate so that shows that I was wise to do it.  I reckon if I wasn’t using the HR I would have ran that a fair bit quicker and it wouldn’t have been a recovery run.

My legs felt good with nothing from my hamstring which I’m really pleased about.  My plan for the next 10 days is to have lots of easy recovery runs before starting my 8 week build up to the Hardmoors 55.

Jon has published the HM 30 results. I was keen to have a look at where I stand in relation to the Hardmoors Grand Slam. When I was running with Jon on Thursday I asked him how it works. He explained that basically you get 1pt for each position.

So if you finish 1st you get 1pt and 27th (which I did on Wednesday!) you get 27pts. Then like cross country it is the person with the lowest points wins.  I suggested to Jon that it might not be the fairest way of doing it. I think if you score only those who are doing the Grand Slam then it might be better.

For example on Wednesday I was 8 places behind Garry Scott but only 8mins.  In the 110 I might (and stress might!!) be 2 hours faster but with the bigger gaps between runners only 2 places difference.  Jon is going to have a look at it!

I love this sort of competition as it’s all about trying to pace yourself over several months and 4 key races.

Here is how it looks so far …HM Grand Slam

So I’m sitting 5th but it looks like it’s going to be a great competition as 3rd to 7th were only separated by 12mins!

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1 Response to Recovery Run & Hardmoors Grand Slam

  1. MtM says:

    First Over 50, John!!!

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