Hill Run

Even though I’m still on my easy week I decided I wanted to do a hill session so decided to do my run up and down the road to Robertson’s Car Park.  I decided to take it steady but it was good to give myself a bit of a test.

It’s a mile to the bottom of the hill, one mile at a tough gradient, a further mile of undulating, then turn round and run back.  profile

I decided to be sensible and take my head torch as it’s really dark up the hill once you leave Paisley.  Good idea except when I switched it on there was nothing!!  The batteries must have drained so it was a bit scary at times as the cars were coming pretty quickly!  I had to jump off the road a couple of times to avoid them!

Anyway I felt good and it was a solid hill run without pushing too hard. My average heart rate was 127 which showed I didn’t get into the red!!

I mentioned on my post yesterday that I didn’t know where Norry and Phill went on the leg from Whitby.  My friend Steven had a look at the map traces and here is what he found.

Here is my route through Whitby ….

johnKHere is Phill’s route ….philT

So Phill and Norry went a slightly longer way.

I was hoping my friend Robert O might have a comment on my Hardmoors race and he didn’t disappoint. I was thinking about making a comment about my heart rate compared to Jayson’s but wasn’t sure how to do it as Jayson’s maximum HR would be higher than mine.

Robert came up with a good way of doing it ….

Hi John,

Jayson obviously ran a exceptional race, both in speed and evenness of intensity. For intensity the HR data for each stage is really useful, to compare Jayson and yourself for each stage as a percentage of the average HR achieved:

Jayson John
Leg 1 : 100.2% 101.2%
Leg 2 : 103.2% 102.6%
Leg 3 : 99% 98.5%
Leg 4 : 98.4% 102.6%
Leg 5 : 99.6% 97.1%
Leg 6 : 99.6% 97.8%

Overall both of you ran races with very even intensity, Jayson’s figures are really quite extraordinary.

To me it looks like Jayson and you pushed a little too hard on Leg 2, and intensity in Leg 3 and Leg 4 may have dropped a little as consequence. Clearly there wasn’t any big penalty to pay though as he fished really strong.

For your John, Leg 2 also looks to have been run a little too enthusiastically. Leg 3 corrected for this, then Leg 4 was another where intensity was high. This time both Leg 5 and Leg 6 saw a small reduction in intensity. Could it be that Leg 4 took a little too much out of you to maintain perfectly even pacing? Or perhaps just the muddy underfoot conditions of the last two legs led to you easing off a little.

With the variability of underfoot and weather conditions I find it quite amazing that both of your were able to be so consistent.

So thanks for that Robert.

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