Back on the Gleniffer Braes

Steven joined me for a run on the Gleniffer Braes this morning.  We left at 7.45am in the dark but it was soon light enough so we didn’t bother with head torches.

We ran our 9mile loop, chatting all the way and enjoying the lovely clear views over towards Ben Lomond. I should have taken my camera!

It was good to run together and catch up as we’ve not run for a few weeks. Steven had a good solid 2013 increasing his overall mileage to over 1,300miles (from 750 or so the previous year). I have a feeling though in 2014 he is going to be setting lots of pbs.

Steven ran the Edinburgh parkrun yesterday and then stayed on to watch the International Cross Country, He took some great photos which he put on flickr.

So that’s the end of my easy week after the Hardmoors 30.  The Hardmoors 55 is now 10 weeks away so I’ve been putting together my training plan.  This may change a bit but I like to have a framework to work on. HM55 training plans

A similar mix of speed work, hill runs and back to back runs at the weekend. I feel in good shape and I love the training and build up as much as the race itself.  In fact the race is the icing on the cake! So we’ll see how it goes.

Finally congratulations to my friend Dave Troman who won the Hardmoors night race last night. This was a race which was part of a training weekend that Jon Steele had organised.

As part of the Hardmoors Training course there will be a night race which will also be open to people not on the course too.

The race will start at 1800 hrs Saturday evening, 2 distances will be available, 10k and half marathon. The race will start near the Lords Cafe, Lords Stones (between Carlton on Cleveland and Chop Gate on the Raisdale Road)

The route will take in Cringle Moor, Cold Moor, Wainstones before taking the lower path back to the Lordstones (Start) one loop is 10k, 2 loops half marathon (or there abouts) the course will be marked with snaplight sticks and marshalled. THIS IS A RACE IN THE DARK so a headtorch/torch is obviously compulsary.

The race is open to any level, no matter how slow or fast. Entry is £5

There are no T-Shirts or medals, some water and a few jellybabies will be available and basic prizes for top 3 finishers in each sex. The race is for people to practise running and descending/ascending on trails in the dark AND HAVE FUN!!

To enter, turn up at 1700hrs Sat evening with a fiver, a headtorch/torch, warm running gear, warm gear to change into plus a sense of humour. Registration will be from the boot of my Shogun, finish will be the boot of my Shogun, there will be no changing rooms,no cover, or showers etc, pretty basic. If you fancy it after my fantastic sales pitch and are free, Ill see you next sat, please note the only way to register is to turn up on the night itself!

Dave posted on Facebook …

Don’t often (read, never) say this, but I won tonight!!! Hardmoors half marathon’ish night race – great event, course got a bit of everything, gorgeous clear evening, what more could you want?

So well done Dave.  I think Dave is another one who is going to have a great 2014! I hope he gets his place in the UTMB!!


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