Club Fartlek Session

This was my first Fartlek session for a few weeks.  Infact Monday 16th December was the last one.  My hamstring was a bit sore after that one so I took it easy leading up to the Hardmoors 30 race.

My hamstring has been fine since but I’m a little wary that if I push it too hard it could easily go again and set me back for a week or two.  With that in mind I decided to do the session tonight but stay with Katrina. That way I would have a decent run without going too hard.

I posted on twitter my plan to try and run sensibly to which Dave replied,

Run sensibly? We both know that’s never going to happen in a fartlek session 🙂

But I did!! The session was 3mins 20secs (90secs recovery) and 1min 40secs (2mins)  x 6. I stayed with Katrina for the whole session which means she worked a bit harder!! With 12 weeks to go to her Manchester Marathon these sessions are important to her. The only downside is her groin is a bit sore so we’ll need to be careful with how much speed work she does.

Fartlek 13 JanMy hamstring was fine at this pace so I’ll see how it is over the next week before deciding whether to push a bit harder next week. The last thing I want to do is hurt it again and set myself back.

So a good session back at the club.


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4 Responses to Club Fartlek Session

  1. Surely running at lower HR than you ran at for a 30 mile ultra can’t be classified as Fartlek, more a recovery run 😉

    I wonder if the hamstring niggle was a strain fast twitch fibre that you only call upon when running at faster rates, so never bothered you when going slow even for long distances. Looking at your top pace during this weeks Fartlek is sub 6 min/mile pace then I’d expect then you will have been calling upon a few of fast twitch fibres. The fact that you didn’t have any problems would indicate that it’s probably healed just fine.

  2. Debs M-C says:

    The Manchester Marathon is on my wishlist. Can’t sign up for anything until I know when the 24 is.

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