Steady Run with Katrina

I had planned to go to the club tonight for the Fartlek session but decided against it for the following reasons …

  • My hamstring, though a lot better, is still not quite right and I know if I pushed it too hard it could set me back.
  • Katrina’s groin was quite sore after last week and it will probably be best to do some tempo/threshold runs rather than fartlek.
  • Everton are playing West Brom and I fancied watching it!

So we went for a run together on the cycle track straight after work. We ran 8miles with an easy mile down to the cycle track and an easy mile back up.  For the middle 6miles we averaged around 8min mile pace.

I was impressed with how well Katrina is running and I definitely feel she has a good marathon in her at Manchester on 6th April.  I won’t post her target time as she might read this and I’ll be in trouble (again).

I’m changing my runs round over the next 3 days.  I normally have tomorrow off but Jonny is picking up his partner from Glasgow airport and would like to go for a run after work.  So we are going to do a hill run up on the Braes.

So I’ll have Wednesday off and then Jonny and I are having another run on Thursday. This time up and down Conic Hill.  Hopefully my hamstring will cope okay!

Everton are 0-0 after 25mins as I type.  I’m going for a 0-1 win for the Toffees!

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