Bitten by a dog on my Gleniffer Braes Run

This weekend my plan was a 9mile run today (Saturday) and 18miles tomorrow but my first swimming lesson at 10am cancelled so I decided to still start at 7am and add on a couple of miles.

I set off just after 7am in the dark for my Gleniffer Braes run. It was dry but it looked like it would rain so I carried a jacket (but didn’t actually wear it) and I remembered to take wear my head torch and use it.

I wanted to push the pace a bit but once I got onto the Braes I realised that wasn’t going to happen as it was very muddy underfoot and pretty windy.

After about 25mins of running I came across a dog and it’s owner. They probably didn’t see me coming but the dog was running round and the owner called him/her. I wasn’t too worried as most times the dog leaves me alone but not this time.

Before I knew it I was on the ground. The dog had hit me from the side and knocked me flat. I was a bit shaken but got up. The owner was scolding the dog ‘bad dog’ etc and did say sorry to me.

It was still running round so I stopped and waited for him to get hold of the dog. I then ran on and it was only as I looked down a couple of minutes later did I see some blood trickling down.  I thought the dog had just knocked my legs together which brought me down.  Very effectively I must say!

But I realised that he/she must have bit me.  I felt the cut for the rest of the run but it didn’t feel too bad.  I was running fine and completed my run.

Braes 25 JanOnce home I had 45 mins to have a shower, eat some breakfast and head off for my swimming lessons.  I washed down my leg and cleaned the wound and it seemed okay.  Obviously I took a photo first and put it on Facebook!!!!

1-25By the time I got to the Leisure Centre in Giffnock lots of people had commented and shown concern. Thanks. It seems there is nothing like dogs attacking runners to get your comments tally up!!

It was bleeding a little when I arrived at the pool and the life guard very kindly cleaned again with a proper wipe and put a plaster on. The father of one of the girls who I teach who is doctor had a look and said it should be fine but keep it clean and if it shows any red redness get it checked out.

I realise looking at the photo it does look pretty bad so after my 3 and half hours of being in the swimming pool I took another photo to show where the wound was. A lot of blood from one wound really!

dog bite

The Facebook post now has 67 comments so thanks for all the concern and comments left. It seems I’m not the only one to have had an encounter with a dog while out running.

I thought it would be good to make a few comments about my experience …

  • I have been running on the Braes for the last 7 years and have probably had a few hundred runs and have seen loads and loads of dogs.
  • I don’t particularly like dogs and do try and avoid them if I can!!
  • The majority are fine and I always thank the owner if they make an effort to hold their dog as I run past.
  • It was very dark when I came across them today. I had a head torch on but I came up some steps so they wouldn’t have seen me or expected to see me I suppose.
  • I’m not sure what type of dog it was. It was pretty big and strong and grey.
  • He did apologise and scolded the dog. He didn’t make any lame excuse but I didn’t stay around long to chat!
  • I’ve been busy all day since my run and so haven’t had time (or made time) to get it checked out but I am keeping an eye on it and keeping it clean (with sudocrem).
  • It feels a little sore to touch but there is no swelling or signs of it being infected.
  • I haven’t reported it as I didn’t get a name or know what type of dog it was. I’ll try and be more on the ball next time!
  • This has put the nail in the coffin to the idea of having a dog!!

Alan Stewart was also annoyed enough about it to start his own post on Facebook ….

Not so much about this race but about the general regard for us runners whilst we’re doing what we do. I hope he doesn’t mind me posting this but John Kynaston was bitten by a dog and knocked over this morning and it looks quite nasty. I’ve lost count the number of times I’m chased by and snapped at by dogs, so far I’ve managed to avoid being bitten but reckon it’ll happen. Most owners will reel their dog in when they see me approach but there’s still too many who are happy to let me take my chances with them. I once even had a ‘He doesn’t like people in yellow jackets’ comment after their dog kept snapping at my heels. If a dog went for someone out walking it would probably result in some police matter yet when it’s a runner it’s deemed to be our fault. The same disregard seems to apply for cars. If someone is walkiing, on a horse or bike cars will invariably slow down and give a wide berth yet again there’s far too many drivers who simply don’t seem to even acknowledge we’re there causing us to have to jump onto the grass verge to avoid being hit. And we wonder why we prefer to run on trails and off-road.

That also got a fair few comments!

So I’m okay and will be running again tomorrow morning on the Braes. Steven is joining me so if we see any dogs I’ll hide behind him!!

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