Cold, wet and windy Run on the Gleniffer Braes

This morning I needed to leave at 6.45am to fit in an 18miler before church. Steven was happy to get up early and run with me.

We set off in light rain and wind but it got worse and worse during the course of the run. Steven was keen to try out his new Inov-8 Talons and I must say they looked superb. He was able to move over the mud and wet grass far easier than I could wearing my Hokas.

I’ve been thinking I need pair of something for muddy runs so I’m going to have a look into those.

We did two laps of the large loop.  This was going to be Steven’s longest ever run and he certainly chose a cracking day to do it!

Almost the whole of the first lap was done in the dark. The highest we got and the more exposed we were the stronger the wind was and the heavier the rain.  It was definitely one of those runs than you are soaked pretty quickly and it becomes a battle to stay warm and focused.

I always find these runs are as much about the mental challenge as the physical. If you can keep going and finish the run then it’s another box ticked in the training. Race day might be as bad as this so it’s good to find a way to keep going.

I said to Steven that I like to try and run the second loop quicker than the first and we were able to do that. Most of the time I was hanging on to Steven as he glided over the mud!

Braes - 26 JanWe were almost 10mins faster on the second loop with each segment faster than the first loop.  A lot of that was to do with it being light for the second loop.  It’s so much hard to run faster when you can’t see very far ahead.

We didn’t chat quite so much as normal as it was so windy that it was hard to hear each other.  Also it was so cold that our faces were numb and talking felt difficult!

Steven is hoping to do the Glenmore 12hr race in September and judging by today’s race he is going to have a great race. If he can enjoy that and run as strongly as he did he’ll be fine!

Once we finished I was very quickly in the shower to try and warm up.  My big toes were so cold they were really sore until they warmed up!

So a good week this week with 5 runs totalling 57.78miles ….week summary 26 Jan

That’s me just over 200miles for January so keeping well ahead of the 2014miles in 2014 red line ..

Miles in 2014 - 26 JanThis coming week I’ve got another 5 runs planned including our 30mile run as part of our West Highland Way Race training weekend.



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