Steady Run with Katrina

I really enjoy our club Monday night Fartlek sessions but I’ve decided for a while to give them a miss for the following reasons ….

  • My hamstring feels 100% again now and I don’t want to risk it by running at sub 6min per mile pace.
  • Now I’m running longer back to backs at the weekend it makes more sense to have a steady run on Monday. This past weekend I ran just over 30miles for the two runs.
  • Katrina is training for the Greater Manchester Marathon and so if we run together at around 8.35 pace then it’s a perfect marathon pace effort for Katrina and a good steady run for me.
  • We get to chat about the day together.
  • We are home by 6pm so still have the evening to do stuff.

I would like to get back to the club sessions and I will do but for the next few weeks I’ll stick with this plan. This coming weekend is our West Highland Way Training weekend so that will be 30miles on Saturday.  I’ll then be having an easy week next week anyway.

Tonight it was my turn to choose the route. I decided on running out past Elderslie and back. Maybe I should call it a pair of glasses as that’s what it looks like …

route - 27 JanWe had a good run even though Katrina has been feeling a bit under the weather with a stuffy nose! Once she got going it was fine and we averaged 8.32 for the 8.51miles.  So a good run for both of us.



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