Tuesday and Wednesday Runs

Last night I had a West Highland Way Race committee meeting in Edinburgh after work so I ran into work and went by train.

I good steady 6 mile run feeling good.  I enjoyed the meeting and the 2014 race looks to be an exciting one.  The only downside to the trip was listening to the 2nd half of the Liverpool v Everton game on the radio on the way home!

Tonight I needed to pay in some cheques so did a 2 mile warm up which included a brief stop at the bank. I then pushed a bit harder for the next 5 miles and then finished off with an easy mile and a bit.

tempo - 29 Jan


It is good to be able to report that I didn’t feel any twinges at all on my hamstring so I’m hoping that I’m over that slight injury. I’m still going to be cautious for a few more weeks though regarding the Fartlek sessions.

I mentioned on Sunday that I was thinking of getting a pair of Inov-8 X-Talons. Well I decided to and they arrived today.  I’m looking forward to giving them a run out tomorrow night!

inov-8 X-Talons

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2 Responses to Tuesday and Wednesday Runs

  1. Wow, what a contrast going from Hoka to X-Talon 190’s will be, poor grip maximum cushion to maximum grip minimal cushion.

    Back in the autumn I bought a pair of X-Talon 190’s (orange ones) and find the grip in soft and really muddy ground a revaluation, it totally transforms how approach areas where you normally would be stepping awkwardly around to avoid slipping, instead you just gleefully power through. There is really child like joy in being able to play in really muddy conditions.

    There is is downside though, I find the narrow lugs a bit too noticeable any time you hit road sections. When on roads the height and softness of the lugs results in a bit of lateral movement on landing and toe off which feels a bit odd. You don’t notice this when you are off road though.

    Have fun.

    • Thanks Robert.

      I’m planning to use the Inov-8’s for my Braes run where it is so muddy at the moment. I also liked the fact that the X-Talons have a low heel to toe drop that I’ve using with the Hoka’s and my road shoes, Saucony Ride.

      I’ll let you know how I get on later!

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