Early Morning Run on the Gleniffer Braes

As this is the end of my easy week I had originally planned 9miles today and 11miles tomorrow but having decided to do the club Cross Country tomorrow I decided to run 11miles today.

I set off in the dark just after 6.30am.  I wanted to try and run comfortably all the way round without feeling I was going into the red.  I was also looking forward to having another run with my new Inov-8 X-Talons.

As soon as I set off I knew I was in for a decent run as I didn’t have any niggles and felt comfortable.  I felt the same way all the round and ran all the hills without working too hard.

The reason I bought the X-Talons was I just wasn’t getting a good run with my Hokas in the mud. The difference in grip and feel has surprised me and I was able to run so much more of the route with confidence.

Here is a comparison with my 11mile loop. The first one with Hokas and the second with the X-Talons …. Braes - 8 FebSo 11mins faster which is a 1min per mile.  It definitely felt quicker as I was running so much more.  The only time I really missed my Hokas was on a longer downhill bit on a rocky path.  I could feel the stones whereas in my Hokas I don’t feel anything!!

I did have one slip and stumble but it was mainly because I forgot which way round I was going once I crossed the road at Robertson’s Car Park. As I changed direction I slipped on the steps and took a tumble.  So a bit more blood but no dogs involved this time!


I was really pleased with my run especially as I was thinking about the cross country race I’m doing tomorrow and so trying to keep it easy.

I’ve looked back at my blog and it was January 2008 that I last did the Club Cross Country. Most of the time the date didn’t fit in with my West Highland Way Race training but this year it falls nicely.

In the post I noted my splits.  It is a 3 lap course and my times for the 3 laps were 11:53, 12:36 and 12:58 for an overall time of 37:28. I’m looking forward to seeing how close I can get to that time.

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