A wild night on Conic Hill

Jonny and I had arranged a run tonight.  Our plan A was Ben Lomond but we quickly decided against that having looked at the weather!  So plan B was Conic Hill.  We took our Kahtoolas in case it was really slippy but it was fine.

We set off just after 4.30pm and had it to the top of Conic in the light.  It was wet and windy but I must admit I get a certain enjoyment from running in this type of weather!

I wore my Inov-8 X-Talons and they were great in the snow and mud. We ran together to the bottom of Conic where Jonny took a photo of me …


I was feeling really good and ran all the way to the top. The wind and rain were out in full force by now but I knew the way back would be right into the teeth of it and I was right!

Jonny turned when I caught him. He had his phone ready for another photo …


I needed to keep running as my legs were going numb!  We ran back together as the rain got heavier and heavier. I was very impressed with my OMM jacket. It kept me nice and dry!

We arrived came just under 2hrs for the 12.36miles.  It was so good to get under the hot shower and then enjoy a lovely meal cooked by Frances (thanks!).

The ride home on my motorbike was okay as I was listening to the Football. Sadly Everton’s game was postponed though!

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