Gleniffer Braes Run

This weekend my plan is 11miles today and 15miles tomorrow so I was out by 6.30am this morning to fit todays run before my swimming lessons.  It looked fairly reasonable weather wise as I set off so I didn’t bother with a jacket and I was okay.

There was a lot of snow on the Braes which made it really cold on my feet!  They felt like blocks of ice and it was pretty uncomfortable at times.  I was wearing my new Inov-8 X-Talons which are excellent for grip in the snow and mud.

But they don’t give much protection from the elements.  I’m not sure what to wear for my long run a week tomorrow.  I have a 42miler planned, Fort William to Tyndrum.  It looks like there will be plenty of snow so I may well need to take my Khatoolas.

I would prefer to wear my Hokas but I’ll need to check to see whether the mircrospikes can fit over them.  I don’t fancy wearing my Inov-8s for 42miles.  If it as cold my feet won’t thank me!

The third choice is an older pair of Salomon’s I have that would work with the microspikes.  I’ll give it some more thought during the week.  The other thing I need to decide is what to wear shorts or running tights.  I wore shorts this morning and my legs were pretty cold at times.

Anyway it was another solid run and the shower was very welcome at the end.  My feet were tingling for ages as they warmed up!!

Braes 15 Feb

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