Easy Lunchtime run

Over the next three days I’m planning on three easy runs as I take it a bit easier before Sunday’s long 42mile run.

Today I had time at lunchtime to get out for an easy 5miles. Just before I set off it was pouring down but thankfully it eased off by the time I started running so it was quite pleasant in the end.

A few weeks ago my head cam bit the dust so I decided to buy myself a new action camera. Well it is my birthday next month! I went for the SJ100 after watching some of the excellent videos that Dave T has produced with his.

SJ1000I’m really hoping it arrives by the weekend so I can try it out on my run on Sunday.


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2 Responses to Easy Lunchtime run

  1. Ian Booth says:

    Hi John
    I don’t know how you do those miles! very impressive, as a 60 something who runs the odd off road event [5 Tors Bodmin, Minehead Stumble, Haytor Heller, Dorset 3 Peaks etc] I can only manage 3 runs of about 7 miles each + a couple of 30 mile cycle rides a week! and I struggle with that.
    Keep up the good work and good luck in your events – I will watch with interest.

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