Another Way Lunchtime Run

I was out at lunchtime today for another easy run.  I made sure I ran nice and easy.  I’m having a day off running tomorrow as a mini-taper before Sunday’s long 42mile run.

I’m really looking forward to getting on the top half of the West Highland Way Route. I’ve not been on that bit since last year’s West Highland Way Race.  Plus I’ve never run in the southerly direction.

The weather forecast is looking a little better. I’m sure we’ll get wet but hopefully not all the time.  My new camera hasn’t arrived yet but hopefully it may come tomorrow!

I finished off the latest West Highland Way Race Podcast.  It includes three interviews with Fiona, Amanda and Antonia.


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1 Response to Another Way Lunchtime Run

  1. Ian Booth says:

    Hope the 42 miles goes well.I look forward to reading about it

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