Steady Run with Katrina

We were late getting out tonight as I had a later meeting at work today.  So we set off at 6.30pm.  We planned a 7mile route with a few hills in.

As we set off Katrina said she felt a bit tired and wasn’t sure how fast she could go.  I looked at my watch after 2.5 miles to discover we were just under 8min per mile pace. So much for Katrina feeling tired.

We kept a good pace going for the 7.24 miles and ended up averaging 8.04 pace.  Katrina is running really well and things are looking good for her Greater Manchester Marathon on Sunday 6th April.

I received an email today from someone I’ve met briefly.  I’m sure he won’t mind me copying it …..

Hi John

We’ve met a couple of times at the Devil and Hoka ultras and exchanged pleasantries, usually about the weather.

Your running blog has been a great source of information and inspiration, especially over the last few months.

I’m dropping you a line to ask a big favour, if you would send out my just giving link to the running community.

On Christmas day we lost our baby and I have decided to trek to Everest base camp and run the Everest marathon to raise funds for SANDS.

Running over the last few months has kept me going and given me a focus after the loss of our son. I decided on Everest as it was the highest marathon in the world and including the trek in is a good test of stamina and endurance (which I’ll need for the Devil in August).

Hope you can help, I’m trying to raise as much awareness about stillbirth as I can.

Good luck with the Hardmoors on the 22nd.

Hopefully we’ll meet in August at the Devil or 2015 at the WHW race.

Kind regards

Ronnie McIlroy

I can’t imagine what Ronnie and his wife Katie must be going through. I really admire what Ronnie is doing so wanted to support them in any way I can. Have a look at his just giving site and donate if you can.


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