Tempo Run

Tonight I had planned a run with Marc Casey on the Gleniffer Braes before interviewing him for the latest West Highland Way Race podcast but something came up at Marc’s work so we have postponed until tomorrow night.

So I decided to do a tempo run instead.  I’ve been taking part in the Jantastic Challenge again this year and I’m still at 100%.  In March you have to not only state how many run a week you will do (5 for me), not only state the longest run per week (for me 20, 9, 55, 7) but also you have to nominate a race or long run and predict your time.

Last year I ran the Inverness Half Marathon and was spot on with my prediction.  I didn’t want to use the Hardmoors 55 as it’s too unpredictable so decided to go for a 6 mile tempo run. I predicted 42 mins which is 7min per mile pace.

With the Hardmoors 55 race just over 2 weeks away I didn’t want to do this tempo run too close so thought tonight would be as good as any.

I decided on a fairly hilly route as 42mins should be fairly comfortable on a flat course so I thought I’d make it a bit more of a challenge!

I did a mile warm up and then picked up the pace for 6miles.  I will confess that I looked fairly regularly at my watch to make sure I was going to be around 7min per mile pace!

Here are the stats ….tempo - 5 Mar

So I was 9secs faster than my prediction. You do lose points if you are under your predicted time as well as if you are slower. The idea is that you should know your pace! So I’m happy with that.

A few weeks ago I was asked by the supplementcentre.com to share a training tip for their site.  They used my tip in the article. training tipI already have 33 guesses for my latest ‘Guess My Time’ Competition so thanks to those who have responded.  Plenty of time if you want to take part! Friday 21st March is the deadline.

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