Gleniffer Braes run with Marc Casey

When I asked Marc to do an interview for a West Highland Way Race Podcast he agreed and asked could we fit in a run as well.  So Marc came over to Paisley after work and we set off just after 5pm.

It had been raining for most of the afternoon so we were expecting to get wet and we did!  The paths were little rivers and the muddy bits were under water. I showed Marc the waterfall and he was very impressed with the amount of water pouring down!

We ran my 11 mile loop and Marc pulled me along faster than I normally run! When Marc does a tempo run he aims for sub 6mins per mile compared to my 7mins per mile and you could see the difference!

Marc has a very efficient running style and it was really interesting watching him run so smoothly up the hills. He just seemed to skip his way up with minimum effort. I really enjoyed our run together.

braes - 6 mar

Once we were back him there was time for a shower, something to eat (thanks Katrina!) and then we sat down to record the interview for episode 57.  I was really looking forward to chatting to Marc about his 5 West Highland Way Races as he has improved every year.marc - 6 mar

2009 was his first race which he finished in 23:13:19.  Then in 2010, 2011 and 2012 he improved each year with all 3 runs under 20hrs.  Last year he ran over 2hrs faster finishing 4th in 16:56:50.

It was really good to find out how he has improved year on year and the podcast is well worth listening to.  I also chatted to Dave T about his training and his thoughts on using whether it’s good to use a race as training run.

For example lots of people run the Fling as part of their preparation for the West Highland Way Race but is it good to ‘race’ it or use it as a good long training run.

The third item is the latest Piratical Rambling from Dave Waterman that is always well worth listening to!

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