2,000th post – 7 reasons why I continue to blog

This is my 2,000th post and I’ve been thinking over the last few days about why I continue to blog and keep this going.2000 posts

1. The reason I set it up is still valid

My first post was on 30th October 2006 and I set it up to record my progress towards my first whw race in 2007.  When I entered the whw race I searched on the web and couldn’t find much about how to train or prepare for running ultras. I found Ian Beattie’s blog which was great but it wasn’t a training diary.

Also at that time I discovered blogs and thought I’d like to start one. So when I got a place for the 2007 whw race I decided to start a blog and record all I was learning and doing to prepare for the race with the idea that it might help others in a similar situation. I honestly thought my whw experience was going to be a one-off. I would run it once, tick it off and do something else.

But like many others before and after me the race gets under your skin and I here we are 7 years later and I’m still running ultras. I hope to be running them for many years to come! So I continue to blog because I still want to share what I’m learning.

2. I basically enjoy sharing my experiences

I don’t think I would have written 2,000 posts if I didn’t enjoy it.  Over the last 7 years I’ve thought about stopping or maybe reducing how much I write but I’ve realised that I would miss it.  Even if no-one else read my posts I would continue to record my training as I enjoy it.  I think the day it become a burden to write will be the day I stop.

3. I love having a record of all my training and races

I now have over 7 years worth of data and diaries of all my training runs and races. This to me is a valuable resource, which really does help me with my training. It is not just the objective data; I can also read about how I felt and what I learnt from key runs. I regularly re-read some of my posts about long training runs to get a sense of how I felt and where I was fitness wise.

Also now that I have run 25 ultra races and written a race report for all of them I can look back on them and hopefully not make the same mistakes again.  I try and do a ‘lessons learnt’ after each ultra and re-reading those makes me realise how easy it is to forget important lessons. No doubt as the years pass and I get slower and slower I will enjoy looking back at my blog remembering the times when I could run a bit faster!!

4. Blogging has become part of my routine after a run

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a man of routine! So for me blogging about my run has become part of my routine.  After a run I will upload my run onto Strava, RunningAhead and my own spreadsheet then write about it. Some posts are pretty short and to the point, others are a bit longer!

My race reports often become mini-epics. I think if I stopped blogging I would really miss that part of my routine.

5. It’s a great platform for my photos and videos

One of the reasons I started running ultras was that I love to be out on the trails in the countryside. It’s one of the things that stop me running round a track or small loop.  So I love to take some photos of the amazing scenery I’m running through. I also started taking videos and recording my training runs and races. I do these for myself to have a record of the runs and if they help and encourage others then that’s a big bonus.

So my blog is a great platform to keep those. The videos I most pleased with are the series that Dave Troman and I did on the Lakeland 100 route.  We did a video for each of the 15 sections during our training runs in 2012 and many people have watched them and told us how helpful they are.

6. I really appreciate all the comments I receive

Over the years I have had many comments left on my blog that have helped and encouraged me. I think because I’ve tried to be honest about my training and how things are going that friends have been willing to advise/comment/challenge me along the way.

I have also made lots of really good friends through my blog. People who I probably won’t have met any other way.  It also keep me accountable with my training as I know that friends are reading it and will challenge me to keep going.

7. I enjoy trying out various equipment that I get asked to review

One of the side benefits of writing a regular blog is that I’m asked now and again to try out various products if I’m happy to write a review. So over the years I’ve been given various products to use which I really enjoy doing.

So there we have it. 7 reasons why I continue to blog.  I’m not sure if there are many out there who have read all 2,000 but if you have thanks for being with me on the journey!

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4 Responses to 2,000th post – 7 reasons why I continue to blog

  1. Congratulations on your milestone. 2000 post is unbelieveable and demonstrations your commitment. Thank you for sharing this milestone with us. You are a motivation and an inspiration.

  2. Mad Mick says:

    John, your reasons for continuing to blog are pretty much my reasons for starting it. If it weren’t for people like you, people like me wouldn’t be able to find the help and inspiration they need as easily. Keep it up mate.

  3. Chad Sayban says:

    Sounds like plenty of good reasons to me. Congratulations!

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