Taper Plans

My next ultra, Hardmoors 55, is now less than 2 weeks away and I have officially started my taper. It’s never an easy time as I enjoy running hard and feeling that sense of pushing myself but I know it’s important to allow the body to recover from the training and get to the start line as fresh as possible.

I have been doing the Jantastic Challenge over the last few months and I have set myself the target of 5 runs per week. I have achieved that for the last 10 weeks and was trying to see how could I fit in 5 runs each week for the final two weeks.

I like to run every other day during a two week taper so I was thinking I could do 2 small runs on two days to keep my Jantastic going then suddenly last night I thought what’s more important? Tapering properly or running 5 times just to improve my Jantastic score!

So I’m going to be sensible and follow my normal pattern as follows …taper plans

Jantastic does allow you to use a joker so I’ll do that instead!! I lost 1% by being 9 seconds under my target time for my 6 mile run so I can’t achieve 100% anyway!!

For me the key thing about the taper is trusting that I’ve done the training and making sure I don’t do anything silly in the last few days before the race. I know I can’t improve my fitness but I could harm it by running too hard and not having time to recover.

So tonight Katrina & I ran our 6mile loop nice and easy.  Katrina has a 22 mile training run on Saturday in preparation for her Greater Manchester Marathon so she is getting ready for that.

Thomas took some great photos during our run on Saturday so I thought I’d post them here in case you didn’t see them on Facebook ….

This one was taken just before we turned to run back.  Note how we are in step!!

John & Katrina - from thomasA couple of me which I like!! John 1 - from Thomas John 2 - from Thomas

Finally a really good one of Katrina ….katrina - from thomasThanks Thomas!


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2 Responses to Taper Plans

  1. Good luck for Hardmoors, John, and to Katrina for her marathon as well!

  2. Some great photo’s John. If you both can keep those smiles on through your Hardmoor and Manchester marathons you’ll cheer up all those around you 😉

    As for taper. You need to do whatever you feel will get you to the start line mentally and physically fresh, chasing some stat can’t be as rewarding running a great race.

    That said, regular short race paced runs won’t do you any harm and may help tune your body into the motor patterns you’ll call upon on race day. Perfect fit for this approach would be if you can find a short trail route that mimics the terrain and just go over it, walking and run where you would naturally on race day, just relax and enjoy these little forays as much as you can.

    The only other thing I’d add is it that is sunny right now, which means any time you spend outside will be restocking your vitamin D and giving your immune a boost, getting out for a good walk or run for hour or two will likely be very beneficial even if it doesn’t quite fit into taper you might have planned on paper.

    For your guess my time competition, 10:37 is my estimate.

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