Hardmoors 55 start list and pbs

We have a big dance event tonight for the schools I work with so I knew I needed to run before work as I wouldn’t want to run at 9pm when I got home.

So I was out at 6.30am for an easy run in the crisp cool air. I love running in the cold morning like this.  At one point I had the orange glow of the sun rising in front of me.  I should have carried my camera!!

One of the things about being on a taper is I have a bit more time on my hands when I’m normally running and I’m thinking more about the race I’m about to do.  The other day I wondered how many of the 218 runners who are on the published start list have ran the route before and what are their personal bests?

I had a look on the excellent Hardmoors web site and all the information is there on the results tab but not all together so I decided to merge all the results for the four HM55 races  as I’ve done for the West Highland Way Race and the Highland Fling and produce a nice spreadsheet with all the pbs on.  I also ranked them in order! I’m 120th out of the 263 people who have completed the race at least once.

Once I’d done that then I could merge the entry list with the spreadsheet of past runs and produce another spreadsheet showing who has run before, how many times and what their personal best time is.

Here is a breakdown of the 218 who have entered ….HM55 analysis

So the vast majority will be running the race for the first time. It may well be their furthest every race.  I’ve done the race once before in 2010 so I sit in the MV50 category with 1 completion.

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3 Responses to Hardmoors 55 start list and pbs

  1. Daniel Aldus says:

    Hi John, Was just looking at your kit blog (always interesting to know the individualities of peoples setup) and saw this interesting post too. I’d presumed there must be far more who’d done all 4 events, but quite chuffed I’m the only one in my age group – will have to try and streak this event now i know this 🙂 Good luck on Saturday, see you there.

    • Thanks Daniel

      See you on Saturday. Having done all four which way do you prefer? Starting at Helmsley or Guisborough?


      • Daniel Aldus says:

        I think starting at Guisborough. Gets the bigger climbs out of the way earlier. The downside is 22m between Osmotherly and Helmsley, which could be a long way if you overcook the middle hills.

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