Braes run with Jonny

Jonny and I arranged to meet after work for a run on the Glennifer Braes.  As I’m in taper mode I suggested we drove the car up to Robertsons Car Park and run one large loop which is 7.83miles.

As we drove up we headed into the mist and that was the way of the run the whole way round. So we didn’t see much at all but we chatted the whole way and the time flew by.

Katrina cooked us a lovely tea and then we recorded the next interview for the West Highland Way Race podcast which will be out next week.

I now have just 3 runs to go before the Hardmoors race.  9 sleeps left before the race starts!

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3 Responses to Braes run with Jonny

  1. Stephen Connor says:

    John, do you have a specific route yo like to do up in the braes? I live in the Paisley area and I’m training for the Fling and want to get up there more often as it’s so handy.


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