Hardmoors 55 pacing plan

I went for an easy 5mile run after work today.  I ran round one of my regular routes and was surprised to see at least 10 other people out running whereas normally I don’t see anyone else. The better weather must be bringing them out.

I felt good making sure I ran nice and easy.  I spent the time thinking about the race on Saturday and how I hope it might turn out.  I like to have some sort of plan to work towards so I’ve been putting together something.

My silver goal is sub 11hrs and my gold goal is sub 10hrs 30mins so I thought I’d work on a 10hr 30min plan and see how it goes on the day.  I’ve not the race since 2010 and it was the other way.

So here is my rough plan ….

HM55 planI have just one more run planned on Wednesday so most of the week I’m trying to rest and get myself ready for the challenge of running 55miles as quick as I can!

If you want to enter my ‘Guess My Time’ competition you have until 12noon on Friday 21st March.  I have 49 guesses so far so who will be the 50th??

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4 Responses to Hardmoors 55 pacing plan

  1. stevenjjhill says:

    I’ll go for 10:28:52.

  2. John, do you have an idea what HR range you’ll be operating within during the Hardmoors 55? I’m guessing it’ll be lower than the high forties that you saw during the Hardmoors 30.

    I ask as one of things I am trying to do with my own training and racing is gauge effort level that’s appropriate for different events based on the average HR we see during them. Having data from other runners would help generalize this approach. For instance we could potential come up with advice such as race the a 55 miler at 10bpm lower than you can do a marathon etc. If such a model is viable then it provide a decent way for ultra-runners pace themselves without risking burning out.

    • Thanks Robert
      I will be keeping an eye on my heart rate especially in the early stages of the race. I’ll aim to keep it around 135 for as long as possible and then see how I’m going.
      I look forward to seeing how your model works out!

      • Do you have HR data for many previous races? It would be interesting to create a graph or average HR vs time and HR vs distance.

        From my own logs I see a roughly exponential curve, but don’t have any data points further than 53 miles yet… Come June 21st/22nd I’ll have have one for data point all the way up at 95 miles 🙂

        Not sure yet just what average HR I’ll be able to achieve for the WHWR. I am able to keep running for most of the route then my HR will be higher, but if I have stop or walk for extended periods then my HR will be much lower. I am at least training with the intention of running what I can and walking hills, but keeping moving for a whole day is a whole new challenge to explore that I can’t replicate till race day!

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