A bit of a struggle this morning

I ran home from work last night and then wanted to do 9miles or so on the Braes this morning before heading off to my swimming lessons.

My legs felt really sluggish this morning and it was really hard going.  So much so I did something that I very rarely do …. I cut my run short and turned round after 3.6 miles.

I think the Hardmoors 55 race caught up with me a bit.  Maybe Wednesday’s 15miles up and down Ben Lomond was a bit too soon.  I felt good on Wednesday but maybe I paid for it today! Anyway I’m sure I’ll bounce back next week with a spring in my step!

This afternoon we are heading off to Liverpool to stay with my Mum. Tomorrow Katrina is running the Greater Manchester Marathon.  Neal is also running so they are also staying with us at my Mum’s.  So Caroline and I are on support duty tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how they both get on.

The marathon has live tracking so if you want to follow them follow this link.  Here are the friends I’m particularly looking out for …

  • Katrina #5356
  • Neal #3489
  • Gemma Rankin #103
  • Mark Johnston #15022

trackerSo all the best to everyone running.  I’m looking forward to cheering them all on!


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2 Responses to A bit of a struggle this morning

  1. adfirthruns says:

    7.2 more miles than I’ve managed to do so far today and they all count 🙂

    Safe travels today and hopefully catch you at some stage tomorrow.

  2. Turning back if things do feel right is smart thing to do. I wish I learnt that lesson better as I’m sure I wouldn’t get injured as often as I do…

    Best of luck to Katina 🙂

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