100 mile week

Normally on a Sunday I get up early and run before church but today was different ….

  • 7am Easter Sunrise Service at Robertson’s Car Park
  • 8.30am Birthday Breakfast – Laura 24 today
  • 10.30am Joint Church Service at Mossvale Community Church
  • 1pm BBQ at home – was in charge of the meat!
  • 2.15pm Took Jo to Glasgow to catch the bus to Inverness
  • 4pm Watched Everton beat Man Utd 2-0 !!

So I set off just after 4pm for a run. I decided to do a road run and initially was aiming for 9miles but the challenge of reaching 100 miles for the week was too much so I worked out a route that would take me over 12miles and over 100 miles for the week.

route - 20 apr

I was feeling really good until about 10miles then the last 2 felt hard. It didn’t help that my road shoes are ready for the bin and have collapsed on the outside of the left foot so I was almost running on the pavement.

Anyway I reached my 100 miles for the week. I know a lot of people do this regularly but I’m not one of them. I normally average around 50miles so this is a big week for me.

week summary 20 apr

I’m still well ahead of the 2014 miles in 2014 challenge. The plan of 5.52miles a day calls for 607.20 by 20th April and I’m on 825.15 so lots of miles in the bank.  I will need them though as after the HM110 I’m planning to take things a bit easier for a month or so.

2014 miles 20 Apr

When I was running with Dave on Monday and Tuesday he said he was going to reread my 2009 HM110 race report.  He has and left this comment on Facebook ….

Just re-read your race report from the 2009 H110 race. Bloomin’ epic. Emotional. Inspiring. Just hope we have very different experiences this year.

If you want to read it you can find it here. 

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