Planning Hardmoors support

At lunch time today I went for an easy run around Pollok Park. I was wearing my Hoka Mafate shoes so I was keen to run off road as much as possible. It was fun to follow various paths around Pollok Park keeping off the road as much as possible.

When I got home my Hoka Conquest shoes have arrived (thanks to for their excellent service) so I’m looking forward to trying them out.  They are designed to be road shoes so it will be interesting to see how they feel and wear on the road.

One  of the many things I like about running ultra marathons is all the planning and preparation that goes alongside the actual running of the race.  So I’m spending time getting things sorted with regard to support, equipment and food.

Regarding support this is what I have planned ….

  • Friday – Katrina & I will drive down to Helmsley via Saltburn and Scarborough so I can show Katrina the checkpoints.
  • Friday night – we will camp at Helmsley Football Ground where the HM110 race starts
  • Saturday – 8am Race starts – I will run unsupported (using the drop bag at Osmotherley) to Saltburn (59miles)
  • Saturday – Katrina will meet me at Saltburn around 9pm (maybe sooner, maybe later!!)
  • Saturday night – Katrina will drive to Scarborough and stay at a B&B while I run unsupported through the night using a drop bag at Ravenscar
  • Sunday morning – If I’m on target I’ll be arriving at Scarborough around 8am (again maybe sooner, maybe later!!)
  • Sunday – Katrina will run with me for the final 10miles to Filey hopefully arriving around 11am?!?
  • Sunday – We’ll need to sort a lift back to Scarborough to pick up our car (or ask someone to drive it from Scarborough to Filey?)
  • Sunday evening – prize giving at 8.30pm, then we will stay the night at Filey School hopefully getting some sleep!
  • Monday – drive home to Paisley (I think Katrina will be driving most of the way!!)

I think that is everything covered!

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