Tempo Run

I’m planning to have a 2 week taper leading up to the Hardmoors 110 race so this week I’ve planned a medium week.  Tonight after work I wanted to do a faster tempo run.  I chose a fairly hilly route which would make me work a bit harder as well.

After a mile warm up I pushed it hard for 5 miles aiming to run under 7mins per mile. Then to finish off with an easy cool down mile.

I was feeling good and pushed it as hard as I could for the 5 miles.  Here are my splits …

tempo 7 may

I didn’t get under 7mins per mile for the first mile but it was uphill and against the wind!  I was happy with the rest of the run and it was good to get my heart rate over 140 for a few miles.

I was chatting to a couple of secondary school teachers today from Rosshall Academy about the Hardmoors race.  They were asking various questions about the race and it struck me again just how much there is to prepare for and consider compared to a 10k race!

The Hardmoors 110 has one further thing to consider that the West Highland Way Race or Lakeland 100 doesn’t have …. the tide!

The Hardmoors 110 route has about a quarter of a mile along the beach at Runswick Bay. This comes about 71miles into the race.

runswick bayYou can see Dave far left running close to the sea on our recce run a few weeks ago.  When it is high tide the sea comes right up the cliff on the right of the photo making it impossible to get along the beach and there is no alternative.

For the race if you arrive at Runswick Bay at high tide the marshal will ask you to wait until the tide has gone out.  The time you spend waiting will be taken off your overall time so your time won’t be affected.  But it may mean you seize up as you wait!!

Anyway I put a post on the Hardmoors Facebook page to ask could I find out when high tide is at Runswick Bay for the evening of Saturday 24th May – Sunday 25th May.  A number of helpful comments including Steve Walker who gave a photo of tides at the moment ….


It looks as though high tide at Runswick Bay for that evening is 1.03am. That is 17hrs into the race.  If I am on my sub 27hr splits then I should reach Runswick Bay at 12.05am (16hrs 5mins race time).

So that should be okay to hopefully to get through before the sea comes right up to the cliff. But if I’m slower than my plan then I could be caught.  If I do have to stop it might be a good thing as I’ll be behind my plan so maybe I will appreciate the enforced rest!!

So another factor to consider. Is it worth pushing a little harder from Saltburn to make sure you get through or just take it as it comes?

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2 Responses to Tempo Run

  1. Good figures for a tempo run, good pace and heart rate that that isn’t too high. Looks like you are good shape.

    The tides adds an interesting conundrum into pacing plans. I would have thought an enforced rest could upset your momemtum and mental state unless you plan for it.

    Ideally you’d be able to sail under the cut off with plenty of time so not have to give a thought about the tide affecting your race.

    If you are close to the cut off then I would have thought the anxiety about making it in time and extra physical load associated with upping the pace could lead to a penalty afterwards. Or perhaps your mind might staying playing games and find the idea of “forced” stop so appealing that can’t resist slow and missing your slot.

    Do you know how long will the beach be closed for?

  2. I really hope I can get through before high tide as I don’t fancy the enforced rest. I’m not sure how long you would have to wait. May 30-60mins?

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