Beinn Dubh Run

Last Friday Grant MacDonald sent me a message via Facebook suggesting I try running Beinn Dubh as it has a really good runnable downhill section which will be good for my quads training.

Initially I was planning to run Ben Lomond last night with Jonny but he wisely felt his knees haven’t quite recovered from the Fling so as I was on my own I decided to give Beinn Dubh a go.

I arrived at Luss just on 6pm which was good timing as the car park is free after 6pm! It was raining slightly but I set off without a jacket on (but carried it in my rucksack).

Here is my route. I went up and down Beinn Dubh then as I wanted to run over 7miles I ran out and back along the Quarry path and road.

route 8 may The profile ….

profile 8 may

As I set off there was some cloud on the top but it did lift by the time I got up there ….


As soon as I set off and got onto the path I realised I should have worn my Inov-8 Talons as the path was quite wet and slippy.  I was wearing my Hokas which are not the best for wet slippy paths!

I enjoyed the different view of Loch Lomond.  It looks different from Conic Hill (in the middle of photo below) or Ben Lomond.


There is a hill race in April on Beinn Dubh and looking at the times there are some fast hill runners around!  I decided to walk hard on the way up but I assume the top guys must be running most of the way up.

The path basically goes straight up the hill …

03Near the top I caught up with a guy who was walking. He had full waterproofs on with his hood over his head. I knew I would surprise him and did! I think I almost gave him a heart attack!

At the top I took a photo looking over to Ben Lomond which was in cloud …..


I was trying out my UK maps apps on my phone which works with gps so here is a screen shot of my phone at the top ….


I ran all the way down steadily. I didn’t want to push too hard and risk injury. Well that’s my excuse for taking almost 30mins to get down!

I did enjoy a different hill to Ben Lomond but I really needed different footwear to be able to run a bit quicker.  I ran another two and half miles along the path and road feeling good.

So that’s my last hill run before the Hardmoors 110 which is now just two weeks away!! I’ve got a Braes run planned for Sunday with Steven and David then it will be running every other day during my 2 week taper.


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